Pelion Settlements

In Pelion, you enjoy idyllic settlements up the mountain with great views. Traveling between them, you pass through an ancient forest filled with myths.

Pelion Settlements



Located on the western slopes of Pelion, it has an amazing view over Volos. It has been voted a top tourist resorts in Thessaly.

Zagora Pelion

The largest village of Pelion, famous for its apples, is a place of ineffable experiences. Its heavenliness has healing capabilities.


South Pelion

Another Pelian village made out of dream stuff. Its fairytale aura and indescribable beauty will keep your eyes and hearts captivated.



The great Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos, amazed by its astonishing views, has called this village "the Balcony Of Pelion".



This Pelian village combines mountainous landscapes and seascapes, and has easy access to wonderful beaches in the Aegean Sea.

Nea Anchialos


A relatively new coastal city founded in 1907 from the refugees of the old city of Anchialos that is located in south-east Bulgaria.



The northern bay has tavernas and bars, and the southern one clear waters for swimming. It's also the setting of all-time classic song, Dancing Queen.

Agia Kyriaki

South Pelion

A remote port town with an islandic vibe and a stunning landscape composed of sea and rock. Don't miss the fish taverns or the ouzerie.

The village of Trikeri on the top of the hill at the south end of the Magnesia Peninsula.
photo: Kognos / CC BY-SA 4.0


South Pelion

Situated on a hill at the south of the Magnesia Peninsula, Trikeri with its island atmosphere stands out from the rest of Pelion villages.