The Little Train of Pelion

Pelion Experience

This scenic rail ride will travel you over arched stone-bridges and into the dense forest. You may bump into Centaurs too. An unforgettable experience.

The train of Pelion, the legendary "Moutzouris" was a dynamic element of growth and advancement, while it strongly marked the history of the broader area. The design and supervision of its construction were entrusted to the Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico.

The narrow width of the line on the train of Pelion

Due to the morphology of the area, a line width of 60 cm was chosen. It is from the narrowest railway lines in Greece and one of the narrowest in the world. Nine bridges, two tunnels, and a large number of supporting constructions were undertaken for the needs of the project.

During its years of operation, the train offered important services in the growth of the eastern Pelion, transporting people and goods. But with the development of the road network, the train lost its old glory, following a declining path until the 1st of August 1971, when it made its last journey.

In the 1980s, there were a series of efforts to revive "Moutzouris". As a result, the train made its first new route and was reopened officially on May 25, 1996.

Which route does the Pelion train make?

Today, "Moutzouris" connects Ano Lechonia of Volos with Ano Gatzea and Milies villages. The train travels on average with 25 km per hour, through a magical route, between the olive trees and the apple trees.

It offers amazing views of the mountain of Centaurs and the sea, while the passengers can take photos of the unique beauties of the area as the train stops in the villages of Ano Gatzea and Milies.

About The Little Train of Pelion

Last updated: 19 Apr 2021

address Ano Lechonia, Pelion, 373 00, Greece