Centaurs' Path, Portaria

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An easy 2,7km-long climb up among streams and plane trees, through wooden bridges and paths, in the forest of mythological Centaurs.

A stream flowing between rocks and dense vegetation. A picture taken at the Centaurs' Path of Portaria.
photo: Cobo69 / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Centaur Trail is a relatively short circular route located just outside the village of Portaria. It is a refreshingly beautiful walk that lasts less than 30-40 minutes and is ideal for less experienced hikers but also for families with children.

How does the name of the path of the Centaurs in Pelion come about?

The name of the path is associated with the mythological creatures Centaurs who are half-human and half horse and draw their origin from Thessaly. The enchanting natural landscape creates a mysterious atmosphere to the area such that it can be connected and support the legend.

Local scouts mapped and paved the path, while bridges and stone steps were added to facilitate the route. A drinking water fountain is located along the route, while small waterfalls and streams from the Mana spring accompany the trail for most of its route.

About Centaurs' Path, Portaria

Last updated: 19 Apr 2021

address Epar.Od. Portarias-Makrinitsas 16, Portaria, Pelion, 370 11, Greece
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