Folk Art & History Museum of Pelion, Makrinitsa

Pelion Museum

Housed in the traditional Topali Mansion built in 1844, the museum hosts everyday life items and folk art from the past few centuries.

The building is a three-storey, stone-built mansion that looks like a fortress. It even has loopholes and a defensive turret on the roof, as well as an armored door and secret crypts.

The museum building was declared a preserved monument in 1985 by the Ministry of Culture and was completely renovated by 1994. The rooms of the building and their architecture describe elements of its original use, while they reveal features of the life of previous years.

What are the exhibits of the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion?

The exhibits exceed 1500 items, among which the visitor can see:

  • a series of murals of folk painting from mansions of the 18th and 19th century in the area of ​​Pelion
  • a rich collection of old photographs from the beginning of the century
  • copper, wooden and ceramic household utensils
  • tsipouro distillation equipment
  • icons, engravings and small objects of ecclesiastical art
  • traditional costumes of Pelion
  • historical relics of Makrinitsa, such as the banner of the Revolution of 1878
  • textile tools and equipment
  • woolen textiles and "rugs"

In general, the museum aims to present the warm atmosphere of the old mansions, but at the same time to provide a detailed picture of life in Makrinitsa through tools, artistic creations, and objects of the area.

About Folk Art & History Museum of Pelion, Makrinitsa

Last updated: 19 Apr 2021

address Topali Mansion, Makrinitsa, Pelion, 370 11, Greece
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