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In 1958, Petros, a wounded white pelican was rescued and became the island's official mascot. Today there are three of them.

"Petros" is the pelican that during the last decades became one of the trademarks of the island of Mykonos.

When did the first pelican arrive on the island of Mykonos?

Another much-photographed "attraction" of Mykonos is the pelican, which has been the mascot of the island for years. His story begins in 1959, when a fisherman saved an injured pelican that had fallen near his boat, and after taking care of him brought him to the port.

What is the name of the pelican in Mykonos?

The pelican became so strong and adapted to his new environment, while he stayed permanently on the island. The locals named him "Petros" and it was the island's mascot until 1986 when it died.

Some years later, when Jackie Kennedy visited the island, she decided to donate a female pelican named "Irini", (Peace) while the Hamburg Zoo offered a male pelican, who also received the name "Peter".

In 1995 another pelican arrived on the island and so today in Mykonos there are three pelicans, which have won the hearts of residents and visitors of the island.

About «Petros» The Pelican of Mykonos

Last updated: 29 Apr 2021

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