Mykonos Windmills

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The famous windmills have today became the Mykonos' trademark but back in 17th century, they propelled the island's economic prosperity.

A close up image showing the Windmills of Mykonos with the blue Aegean Sea in the background.
photo: falco

Mykonos Windmills built up a picture that is identically connected to the island of Mykonos and consequently to the Aegean landscape as well as to the Greek tourism.

How many windmills are there in Mykonos?

A trademark of Mykonos, that is internationally recognizable, due to the endless photos and postcards of visitors. They are 7 three-storey structures that stand on a hill in the district of Kastro of the Chora (main) settlement. They have a distinctive cylindrical shape, with small windows and a conical wooden and wicker roof.

What was the significance of Mykonos windmills in the past?

From the 17th to the 19th century they participated in the economic activity of wheat grinding that was the main source of income of Mykonos. In fact, it served not only the needs of Mykonos island but also those of the surrounding islands.

However, with the development of technology after the First World War, their value began to decline, and now they have emerged as attractions and symbols of the Cyclades.

The restored Mill (of Boni) now operates as an Agricultural Museum, while several of them have been renovated by private individuals and are inhabited.

About Mykonos Windmills

Last updated: 30 Apr 2021

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