Prionia Place

Mount Olympus Experience

At the carpark begins a path to the mountain leading also to waterfalls. The highlight, however, is a taverna with delicious traditional food.

Prionia is literally the last point where someone can reach by car, so it is officially the getaway to the most important National Park of Greece that covers an area of 3933 acres. It was declared as the first National Park of the country in 1938 and is a refuge for many different species of plants and animals.

Many hikers and mountain bikers start their activities from here, while someone can have a gorgeous meal at the very famous traditional taverna of the area.

Can I leave my car overnight to Prionia?

Yes, there is a parking where someone can park and leave a car without any cost, many hikers and climbers are used to do that and it is considered safe. While there are not overnight options at Prionia since the existing facilities serve only as a taverna and not as a hotel.

About Prionia Place

Last updated: 19 Oct 2020

address Dion-Olimpos, Mount Olympus, 602 00, Greece