Kavala Old Aqueduct

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Famous landmark which served the city with water for many centuries starting from the Roman period. Locally referred to as "Kamares".

This is without any doubt the structure that is the greatest landmark for the city of Kavala which is also called "Kamares".

Many archaeologists date it to the 14th century and argue that initially, it was just a part of the city fortification, while others believe that already from the beginning, worked as an aqueduct for the city. On the other hand, there is concrete evidence that it served for sure as a Roman and probably as a Byzantine aqueduct.

The current construction dates from the 16th century when the Sultan Suleiman the Great proceeded to some repairs and improvements of the fortification and at the same time wanted to transfer water from the Soubasi area that had natural springs. It is believed that those renovation works were completed between 1520 and 1530

The construction at some points reaches a high of 25 meters above the ground. The 6 km pipeline connects the surrounding hills with the city through a series of bridges and reservoirs. The Kamares follow the inclinations of the ground and had running taps at their bases for watering the animals.

About Kavala Old Aqueduct

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

address Ellinikis Dimokratias 8, Kavala, 652 01, Greece
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