Kavala Town Hall

Kavala Attraction

An extraordinary building with a gothic revival architecture style that houses the Town Hall. It was built by a Hungarian family in 1890s.

This impressive structure was built by the Hungarian tobacco-trader Pierre Herzog who was also the first owner and used it both as a residence and as a place of business.

The construction process lasted for a decade and it dates in 1890. Architecturally, it follows the gothic revival style including plenty of features used to medieval castles like arches, apses, towers, and big gates. As a result, the building can be described as a miniature of a Hungarian tower and there is no doubt that it is totally different in comparison with other buildings of the city.

The mansion was purchased by the Municipality of Kavala in 1937 and from that time, it houses the Mayor office and a series of administrative services of the city.

About Kavala Town Hall

Last updated: 6 Nov 2020

address Kiprou 10, Kavala, 654 03, Greece
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