Saint Paul Church

Kavala Attraction

Kavala's Cathedral is dedicated to St Paul who preached and converted (at Philippi - close to Kavala) the first Christian on European grounds ever.

The Cathedral of St. Paul is an impressive church of Kavala that is situated at Omonia street, one of the largest and most commercial streets of the city. It is dedicated to Apostle Paul who reached today's Kavala (that time was named Neapolis) and preached Christianity.

The church building process was initiated by a group of faithful inhabitants in 1900. And after asking for permission from the Ottoman rulers of that time, the official foundation was made by the bishop of Kavala Ioakim Sgouros. The inauguration of the cathedral took place in 1926 while architecturally both the exterior and the interior adopt a new-renaissance style.

The interior murals are excellent examples of Byzantine iconography and are considered wonderful pieces of art. For this reason, the cathedral of Kavala apart from a place for praying serves also as an attraction for a big number of tourists who visit the city.

About Saint Paul Church

Last updated: 4 Oct 2020

address Omonias 116, Kavala, 653 02, Greece
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