Kavala Castle (Fort)

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The castle was built on the top of the hill where the old town of Kavala is located. It has a long history and has turned to be the city's trademark.

Photo taken from the inner part of the Castle of Kavala, depicting the fortifications, as well as a part of the city.
photo: Batr41 / CC BY-SA 4.0

The castle is located on the highest point of the "Panagia" area at a spot that is also called "Acropolis". The current structure dates from 1425 and it was built on the ruins of the old Byzantine fortification that existed before.

The walls of the Castle are 449 meters long. It is characterized by a complex of bastions and a strong fortification that could guarantee the defense of the city. And without any doubt, Kavala was under attack numerous times during the past because of the strategic location of the city. Although the walls were attacked and bombed several times, some parts of them are in great condition until today. Actually, they are still used until our days, but this time as a stage for many cultural events.

After the fall of the city, Suleiman the Magnificent and Vizier Ibrahim expanded and thickened the walls, in order to protect the houses of the expanding population. They also built the aqueduct in Kamares and transformed Kavala into an almost impregnable and fully equipped medieval fortification.

A promenade among the narrow streets of the Old Town of Kavala leads always to the top of the hill and the famous castle. It is an attraction for tourists all locals, while it is worth mentioning that the Castle and Kamares are the two most photographed spots of Kavala.

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Last updated: 27 Feb 2021

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