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Karpenisi - Panoramic


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Karpenisi - Manolis' bridge Manolis' bridge
It is on Agrafiotis river, near the spot where the river is linked with Kremaston Lake, 55 kilometres away from Karpenisi. For more than 400 years it was the only way people could go from Karpenisi to Aitoloakarnania. According to the myth, the bridge was built in 1659 by local builder Manolis Chrysiotis, who was living with his wife at village Daphne. The couple didn’t have children and thought they couldn’t, but during the years Manolis was building the bridge they had a son and two daughters. In 1807 the bridge was the battlefield between Greeks with Katsantonis as their leader and Turks. During the battle, the godfather of Katsantonis died in the age of 75. It is a typical arched bridge. Because of the rise of the water almost all year is underwater, except summer months that are drier, when you can see only the top of the bridge. Although people don’t use it to cross the river anymore, it is still one of the attractions of the region.
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