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The Port of Ierapetra on the island of Crete.
photo: BasilioC
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Port of Ierapetra, Crete

Historic port that dates from the Venetian era & hosts day-trip boats offering excursions to Chrissi island, a NATURA wildlife sanctuary.

A photo of the interior of the Venetian Fortress «Kales» of Ierapetra.
→ E   < 1km

Venetian Fortress «Kales», Ierapetra

13th-century Venetian castle of the old city port. While its name derives from the Turkish kule (tower) obtained after the occupation of 1647.
A picture of the Ottoman Mosque and the Fountain of the town of Ierapetra.
↑ N   < 1km

Ottoman Mosque & Fountain, Ierapetra

Founded in 1891 at the old town (Kato Mera), forms a well-preserved complex of Ottoman architecture.

A detail of a window and the exterior of the Napoleon's House in Ierapetra.
↗ NE   < 1km

Napoleon's House, Ierapetra

Old house that according to the legend hosted for one night the French Emperor during his trip and campaign against the Mamluks in Egypt.

The exterior of the building of the Archaeological Museum of Ierapetra.
↗ NE   < 1km

Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

Housed since 1899 in an old Ottoman school aims to preserve area antiquities and excavation findings.

The pedestrian seafront promenade of Ierapetra on Crete.
↗ NE   < 1km

Promenade of Ierapetra

The pedestrian coastal way of Ierapetra passes over the beautiful beach and through numerous tavernas and cafés of the southmost European city.

An overview of the exterior of the Byzantine Church of Episkopi in Lasithi region.
↗ NE   ≈ 11.1km

Byzantine Church of Episkopi, Lasithi

Founded in the 11th century AD, is dedicated to St. Georgios & St. Charalambos, and stands for its unique and distinctive architecture.

The small water droplets and the mist created bu the waterfall form a small rainbow.
→ E   ≈ 14.7km

Waterfall of Milonas Gorge, Ag. Ioannis, Ierapetra

A 20 minutes walk along the densely vegetated gorge leads to the 20-meters impressive waterfall.

A picture that shows the «Ha» Gorge and the Thrypti Mountain Range close to Ierapetra.
↗ NE   ≈ 17.9km

«Ha» Gorge, Thrypti Mountain Range

Impressive rocky mountain known also as Aori that includes one of the wildest canyons in Greece.

An image of remains and foundations of the Archeological Site of Ancient Gournia.
↗ NE   ≈ 17.9km

Archeological Site of Ancient Gournia

Minoan settlement of the 15th century BC quite well-preserved that was called "Pompei of Crete".

Remains of the Archaeological Site Pyrgos Myrtos with the blue sea in the background.
← W   ≈ 18.5km

Archaeological Site of a Minoan Settlement

Minoan site founded approximately in 3000 BC, located in a protected location with great view.

A picture showing small fishing boats at the lake of Agios Nikolaos on Crete.
↑ N   ≈ 29.1km

Agios Nikolaos

The capital of the eastern regional unit of Crete (Lasithi) located at Mirabello Bay that stands for moderate & sustainable tourism development.

An old round windmill at the area Poros close to Elounta.
↑ N   ≈ 39.4km

Poros Elounda Windmills (& Basilica)

The three old well-reserved round windmills by the sea which are distinctive trademarks of the area that is characterized by the strong winds.

Picture taken at the area of Kapsa Monastery that depicts the Perivolakia gorge.
→ E   ≈ 40.2km

Perivolakia (or Kapsa) Gorge

4,5 km canyon ideal for a quite demanding hiking of 1,5 hours that connects Perivolakia village with the coast close to Kapsa Monastery.

A part of the facilities of the Kapsa monastery with the great view of the Libyan Sea in the background.
→ E   ≈ 40.3km

Kapsa Monastery

Dedicated to St John the Baptist, it was founded in the 15th century on a steep rocky slope of the southeast coast with a view to Lybian Sea.

A pond created by the waters of Richtis in the homonymous gorge.
photo: KODR / CC BY 3.0
↗ NE   ≈ 42.2km

Richtis Gorge & Waterfall

After a pleasant hiking trail of 3 km that can last according to the pace from 3 to 4 hours, the visitor reaches the impressive 20m waterfall.

An picture of the island of Spinalonga where the Venetian fortifications and the other facilities are visible.
↑ N   ≈ 45.7km

Spinalonga Fortress (Island)

Small island close to Elounda fortified by the Venetians that became a place of isolation for the lepers of Greece between 1904 and 1957.

A photo showing the Windmills of Selí Ambélou with the surrounding mountains in the background.
↖ NW   ≈ 47.5km

Windmills of Selí Ambélou

24 out of the 27 initially existing windmills compose a complex that was characterized as a piece of art from the Greek Government in 1986.

Questions & Answers about Ierapetra

Why Visit Ierapetra?
  • Rich and important trade center for the export of agricultural products to Europe.
  • The biggest in population town at the eastmost regional unit of Crete.
  • The rain is rare in the sunniest region of Europe.