National Archaeological Museum

Museum in Athens

Here you will find the richest exhibition of Greek history with findings from Prehistoric, Mycenean, Classic and Roman Greece.

The National Archaeοlogical Museum is the largest museum in Greece and without any doubt one of the most important museums in the world. It has more than 11.000 exhibits that present the whole history of the Greek civilization as well as the history of other nations that lived or were related to in the Greek region throughout the years.

It is divided into sections, some of which include prehistoric findings, exhibits from Santorini island, Egyptian artifacts, and findings from the Middle East. The museum was initially called the "Central Archaeological Museum" and it was located in the Temple of Hephaestus until 1874 when it was transferred to its current location.

On the south-wing ground floor, of the National Archaeological Museum the visitor can find the Inscription (Epigraphical) Museum which has the richest collection of inscriptions in the world.

About National Archaeological Museum

Last updated: 1 Aug 2020

address 28is Oktovriou 44, Athens, 106 82, Greece
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