Syntagma Square

Attraction in Athens

The central Square of Athens is a transportation hub. Don't miss taking pictures of the Presidential Guard in front of the Parliament.

Plateia Sintagmatos, (Constitution Square), is located in the city center of Athens in front of the Greek Parliament. This is a square of great importance for Athens and all Greece.

Until 1843 it was called "Plateia Anaktoron" (Royal Palace Square) because the building of the Parliament used to be the Royal Palace. It received its modern name for the Constitution granted to Greek people by king Otto after long popular uprisings that took place in the square.

In the eastern part of the Sintagma Square, there is the "Mnimeio tou Agnostou Stratioti" (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), a monument dedicated to every soldier that died fighting for the freedom of Greece during the many wars of its long history. The Tomb is being guarded by Evzones, the traditionally dressed guards that march synchronized and offer great scenery. Every Sunday, at 11:00, am a whole platoon march to the Tomb from Vasilissis Sofias accompanied by a band.

Due to the existence of the Parliament, Plateia Sintagmatos is a commonplace of gathering when people demonstrate.

About Syntagma Square

Last updated: 17 Feb 2021

address Pl. Sintagmatos, Athens, 105 63, Greece
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