Castalia Source (Spring)

Ancient Delphi Attraction

Castalia Spring is totally linked to Delphi Oracle since Pythia, priests, and pilgrims were washing themselves here before starting the ritual of the oracle.

This is the sacred spring of Delphi that had a crucial role in the worship and function of the oracle. It is located some hundred meters from the Oracle in the ravine of Phaedriades at the root of the Flemuko rock that was formerly called Yambeia.

What was the role of Castalia Spring at the Oracle of Delphi?

Pythia was washed in it before revealing the oracles. The same were doing the priests, the staff of the temple, as well as those who were asking for an amulet. Its water was considered to have purifying properties while according to tradition the Temple of Apollo was cleaned only with water from this spring. In ancient times, clay pipes were transferring water from the spring to the oracle fountain, a rectangular building with a large basin and taps.

Duding the Roman era, the area underwent a series of reconstructions and the form it had in the 1st century BC. was described in detail by the historian Pausanias.

One of its distinctive features are the rock hole - carvings that were made in order to place the offerings of the pilgrims. The largest of these holes houses the church of Agios Ioannis which was built during the years of Ottoman era.

Today the visitor has the opportunity to admire a spring that has been gushing water for thousands of years.

About Castalia Source (Spring)

Last updated: 13 Apr 2021