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Ioannina - Lake Ioannina - Pamvotida


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Ioannina - Folklore Museum of Ioannina Folklore Museum of Ioannina
The Municipal Folklore museum of Ioannina opened in 1933 at Aslan Tzami (Aslan mosque), at the castle of the city, on the exact spot where there was the Byzantine church of St. John the Baptist. From the museum you will have the opportunity to admire the magnificent view of the city of Ioannina and the lake Pamvotida with its small island. When entering the museum you will see the square, domed room with pillars, that used to be a place of prayer but now is the main exhibition room. The recent restoration and re-organising of the exhibits has as its main goal to showcase the architecture of the monument and the way Christians, Muslims and Jews were living together in the same city for centuries. The exhibits are divided into three groups according to the religion and you can see traditional clothes, jewellery, weapons, items of every day use, books about each religion and vestments. On the inside you can see Arabic inscriptions and frescoes dating from 1618. You can also see the Holy temple (Mihrab) with many decorative frescoes and the pulpit (minbar) with its seven steps, a symbol of the Seven Heavens. The mosque also has a minaret with 75 steps which adds to the height of the building and the impression it creates to the visitor.
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