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Thessaloniki - Panoramic from Castle


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Thessaloniki - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki was designed by the Greek architect Patroklos Karantinos and it opened in 27th of October 1962. It has exhibitions with findings from Thessaloniki and the whole region of Macedonia, from the prehistoric, Neolithic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman period. Amongst the exhibits you can see parts of the skull of the "Macedonian Ouranopithikos", an early anthropoid that lived in the region of Greece and a replica of the skull of the "Man of Petralona" from 200.000 BC. A big part of the museum shows the life and its progress in the region of Macedonia, from the Αrchaic era until the Roman era, with a variety of exhibits that come from excavations in Thessaloniki, Pieria, Chalkidiki and Kilkis regions. Another important part is the presentation of the history of Thessaloniki, with emphasis in the Roman era, when Thessaloniki was at its peak. The museum is newly renovated, with many multimedia applications as part of the exhibitions, maps and descriptions of the items you see and the history of every period, making your visit to the museum a great experience.
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