Sykia Halkidiki

Sithonia Halkidiki Settlement

A mountainous settlement of Halkidiki known for a nearby long beach (1,5 km long), and its relaxing and quiet atmosphere.

Sikia is a small village located 160 kilometers away from Thessaloniki and 92 kilometers away from Polygyros. It is one of the most isolated villages close to the south edge of the Sithonia peninsula while it is among the oldest settlements of Chalkidiki.

In hand scripts of the Mount Athos that date from the 14th century, the village is referred to as "Loggos". Nobody knows when the name changed, but people relate it to a large fig tree at the entrance of the village (sikia in Greek means fig tree).

The history of the village is strictly related to Mount Athos, especially during the period of the Ottoman occupation, when locals were worked as "serdarides", who were the official guards of the boundaries of Mount Athos and those who were protecting the monasteries.

The isolation and the free spirit of the Sikia inhabitants had, as a result, their tendency towards martial arts and, combined with the proximity of the village to the sea, they were becoming pirates during the Ottoman period. They were also the first to enter the battles of the Greek Independence as well as those of the liberation struggle of Macedonia and the union with Greece.

Sikia today is the largest village of Sithonia. While it is highly recommended for visitors to walk around the streets of the old part of the village, where most of the houses have the architectural style of the 19th century.

About Sykia Halkidiki

Last updated: 29 Dec 2020

address Sykia Chalkidikis, Sithonia Halkidiki, 630 72, Greece