Hellenic Maritime Museum

Piraeus Museum

The largest naval museum in Greece presents Greek naval tradition from prehistoric times to today with an emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

A picture of the front yard and the main entrance of the Hellenic Maritime Museum in Piraeus.
photo: Οικονόμου

The Maritime Museum is located at the marina of Zea in Freatida region of Piraeus. It was founded in 1949, while it is housed in its current building since 1971. The aim of the museum is the collection, preservation, storage, and exhibition of objects that have to do with Greek navigation, its growth, and its achievements.

The exhibits start from the first boats during the prehistoric era and continue with ships that existed during the Classical era and the Byzantine Empire. It points out the evolution that led to the 18th century, it includes the naval battles of the Balkan Wars, as well as those during the World Wars until today.

There is an extensive reference to the evolving from sailing ships to steamships. Additionally, it includes a large collection of maps from all over the world from the 16th up to the 19th century.

About Hellenic Maritime Museum

Last updated: 18 Aug 2020

address Akti Themistokleous, Piraeus, 185 37, Greece
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