Piraeus Attraction

An unexpectedly charming seafront walk close to Greece's biggest port with numerous restaurants, cafeterias, and a peaceful marina.

An overview of the promenade of Mikrolimano and the marina with numerous sailing boats.
photo: Templar52

Mikrolimano, or "Tourkolimano", or "Akti Koumoundourou", or "Fanari", is one of the most popular places of modern Piraeus. There are many restaurants, cafeterias, bars and clubs with many people coming here from all Piraeus and Athens in order to have a meal or a drink.

The many names of this region are a result of the different authorities throughout the years. The name Fanari, which means lighthouse, is from the Byzantine era and probably because of a lighthouse that was standing on the entrance of the small port. "Tourkolimano" (port of the Turks) was called during the Independence War and "Akti Koumoundourou" during the first years of independent Greece. The reason was that here was located of the house of the politician A.Koumoundouros, which was demolished and now on the same spot there is the Yacht Club of Greece.

About Mikrolimano

Last updated: 19 Aug 2020

address Akti Koumoundourou, Piraeus, 185 33, Greece
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