Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Piraeus Museum

Some exceptional ancient Greek art in here, including some items over 3300 years old, still in good shape. A meticulous tour takes around an hour.

The archaeological museum of Piraeus is housed in a two-story building right next to the Hellenistic Theatre of Zea. The exhibits of the museum cover a large period of time, from the Minoan period until the period of the Roman Empire, giving an emphasis to the classical period of the 5th and 4th century BC.

All exhibitions are chronologically organized so that the visitor can easily understand the evolution of the society of Piraeus through the centuries. While it is also visible and the interconnection and dependence of Piraeus from the economy of Athens.

Apart from exhibits that were found in the region of Piraeus, Varkiza, and Moschato, there are also exhibits found in the Minoan temple of Kythera. Additionally, there are artifacts from the Mycenaean temple of Methana as well as from private collections like the collection Meletopoulou-Nomidou and the collection Geroulanou.

About Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Last updated: 18 Aug 2020

address Char. Trikoupi 31, Piraeus, 185 36, Greece
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