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Mount Olympus - Olympus South Peaks

Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus - Monasteries of Mount Olympus Monasteries of Mount Olympus
In Mount Olympus there are many monasteries in many places and villages of the mountain. The most important and famous amongst monasteries is the one of St Dionysios of Olympus. It is 3 kilometres away from Litochoro. It was built in 1542 and was in a place 17 kilometres away from the village. In 1943 it was destroyed by Nazis and the new one was built at its current location. The monks that live there are 24 and follow the programme of the monasteries of Mount Athos. The monastery is open from sunrise to sunset and is celebrated on January 23, the name day of St. Dionysios. On the other side of the mountain you can find the monastery of the Holy Trinity, built at an altitude of 1320 metres and north of the village of Karia. It was founded in 1640 but it was burnt in 1833 by Turks and on that spot a small church was built. Very close to Karia there is also the monastery of Kanalon, which is dedicated to the Birth of Virgin Mary. On the north side of Mount Olympus is the Holy Monastery of Petra, at an altitude of 430 meters, the monastery houses the facilities of the mental hospital.
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