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Mount Olympus - Olympus South Peaks

Mount Olympus

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Mount Olympus - Dion Dion
Dion is a small village of great historical value, built on the foothills of Mount Olympus. The first time it is mentioned in historical texts is in a text of Thoukididis in 424 BC. The golden years of the city were during the reign of Alexander the Great, when it was considered to be a cultural and religious centre as important as Delphi and Olympia. The name of the city came from the King of Gods, Zeus, who in Greek is called Dias. Very close to the modern village you can find the archaeological site, which is considered to be an archaeological park. The excavations started in 1928 and many important findings about Macedonian culture and everyday life. You can see the temple of Isis and many other Egyptian gods, the temple of Dimitra, the Greek goddess of earth, fertility and agriculture, the temple of goddess Aphrodite, a Hellenistic theatre built when Philip the Fifth was king, a Roman theatre of the 2nd century, a stadium, the manor of god Dionysos with great mosaics, a cemetery, shops, stone columns, walls, musical instruments and baths. The findings are displayed in the museum, in its three floors according to the region they were excavated from. If you visit Dion in the beginning of spring you will have the chance to see the annual cultural event Diia.
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