Mykonos Beaches

From some of the most known beaches in Greece to unspoiled and inaccessible beaches, Mykonos haves it all. Fine sand, turquoise waters, rocks and parties day and night.

Mykonos Beaches

Kapari beach as seen when you come from Agios Ioannis.
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Kapari Beach

Ag. Ioannis

Small but very beautiful beach with turquoise waters and fine sand. it's near Ag. Ioannis and parking is very limited. It can get very crowded. Bring water and coffee!

The Tsagkaris beach with the crystal clear turquoise waters.
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Tsagkaris Nudist Beach (Mini Lia)

Remote nudist small beach, perfect for those that seek tranquility. It's a 5 minutes hike from the road or above the rocks left of Lia Beach. Don't forget to have water!

The Agios Sostis Beach and it's surrounding enviroment while a boat is anchored.
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Agios Sostis Beach

A beach with the finest sand and beautiful water colors in an unspoiled enviroment. Few options for rooms to stay and an absolutely authentic restaurant. A hidden gem!


Kalo Livadi Beach

An excellent sandy beach with turquoise waters. More than half the beach is free from bars. It has vast parking space. Totally recommended.

A picture showing Mirsini beach, it's surroundings and the colorful water.
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Mirsini Beach

A small, wild and unspoiled beach with lots of pebbles and super clean water. With vehicle, take the road from the dam and Fokos beach, the other side is closed.


Fokos Beach

Fokos beach is exposed to northern winds and, often, the waves are big. There is no shadow, so bring your umbrella and other accessories.


Elia Beach

The Olive Tree, or Elia, is a developed beach with nice vibes and relaxed atmosphere. In the surrounding hills there many luxurious hotels. Note: it's a bit pricey.

Loulos beach and the Aegean sea in the background.
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Loulos Beach

Small unorganized beach in between rock formations. Nothing super special but okayish option if you stay in the near by hotels. Well protected from the winds.


Kalafati Beach

Kalafati is a great beach with bars and watersports, particularly speed boats towing banana boats. More than half the beach is free from bars.

A wooden path leads to the sea between two trees, stacked sunbeds, and the waves in the background at Paradise Beach.
photo: sk / CC BY-ND 2.0

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is fully covered by beach bars and restaurants. The water gets deep after a few steps - so, great for swimming. Not too pricey.

The Psarou beach at the foot of a hill, by turquoise waters.
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Psarou Beach

Another great beach with clear waters, encircled by hills. It does not get too noisy but it can get crowded. Very hard to park for free but you can pay for parking.

The umbrellas and the sun beds of Paraga beach, in the background the sea.
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Paraga Beach

Chill beach with whole beds in the front line. Expensive but there is enough public space as well. Fine sand, but not very thin, and crystal clear water.

A panoramic photo of Lia Beach taken from the hill above the rocks in the left side.
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Lia Beach

Beautiful beach with crystal clear water and small rocks mixed with sand. Relatively easy access with private transportation. It's used from diving centers.

Merchia Beach at the sunset. Half of the beach is dark from the shadow of the hill, while in the other half is still sunny.
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Merchias Beach

Remote beach with bad road access and few people (if any). With the northern winds the sea will have big waves, otherwise it will be ok but nothing amazing.

The Panormos beach with the bar / restaurant in the middle.
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Panormos Beach

Panormos bay offers a good mix of a large public beach and a bar/restaurant in the middle. The atmosphere is tranquil while a fishing pier completes the picture.

The sea and the beach bars of the Agia Anna (Paraga) beach.
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Agia Anna (Paraga) Beach

Chill little beach with two beach bars and some public space in the left side. It has medium size sand and the water haves some algae. Note: it can get windy.

Super Paradise bay in Mykonos between two arid-brown hills with a sporadic houses.
photo: ©

Super Paradise Beach

World famous, Super Paradise Beach is pricey even by Mykonos standards. However, it comes with quality services, excellent vibes, and great fun.

Turquoise waters, lines of straw beach umbrellas, and a series of white houses at Platis Gialos Beach, Mykonos.
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Platis Gialos Beach

Platis Gialos, the Wide Beach, is a trendy and luxurious spot that gets crowded with people having fun. You might leave an arm and a leg behind.

A photo of Ornos Beach and it's crystal clear waters. In the background the newly built right side of the settlement.
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Ornos Beach

The beach of the synonymous settlement. Most of the beach is occupied from the surrounding (expensive) bars. Music, fine sand and good looking people.

The Agia Anna beach with the surrounding enviroment and a portion of the bay.
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Agia Anna Beach

A small beach next to Kalafatis. It's developed and pricey but not as much as other more popular beaches. Good option if music and luxury is your thing.

A picture of Ftelias Beach taken from east to west.
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Ftelias Beach

Large and quiet beach with lots of space for parking. Lookout the wind, with northern winds expect waves (great for watersports) otherwise calm and family-friendly.

The Megali Ammos Beach as seen from the road from Ormos to Chora.
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low rating

Megali Ammos Beach

Great beach to spread your towel. Just 10 minutes from Chora with fine sand. If you want to swim then be careful for cuts because there are rocks and sea urchins.

The Korfos beach and it's surroundings. The isn't any wind and the water is clean and calm.
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low rating

Korfos Beach


Located in the back side of Ornos. There is trash in the sand and a sewer is flowing into the water. It's often windy which is great for water sports like kitesurfing.