Archaeological Museum of Kavala

Kavala Museum

A contemporary museum that gives visitors a broad sight of Kavala's historical evolution from the ancient years on.

The Archaeological Museum of Kavala was founded in 1934 and belongs to the Department of Antiquities of Kavala. In 1963 the museum exhibition was moved to the current building that was built very close to the coastline of the city. After the last renovation of 2000, some more rooms have been added to the museum that got the opportunity to display more artifacts.

In the rooms of the museum the guest can see a great variety of items that were found in different excavations and chronologically they extent from the prehistoric settlements of East Macedonia until the Macedonian and the Roman times.

The visitor can also see items used in everyday life by the citizens of "Neapoli" which is the old name of Kavala and means "new city". Parallel to that, a great number of excavation findings from Amphipolis are also hosted in the museum, offering to the public the opportunity to get a picture of the historical evolution of the broader area.

About Archaeological Museum of Kavala

Last updated: 18 Sep 2020

address Erithrou Stavrou 16, Kavala, 654 03, Greece
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