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Arachova - Ski resort of Parnassos Ski resort of Parnassos
Arachova for every Greek means snow and skiing and generally, winter sports. The ski resort of Parnassos is one of the oldest and the most well organised of all Greece. It started being built in 1975 and it was finished in 1976. The first part built was at the "Fterolakas" region. In 1981 a second part was built at "Kelaria" and seven years later, "Hermes" was the lift that connected the two parts. It has 19 slopes, 7 ski routes, 2 main base station communication corridors, 8 connecting trails and 3 mini beginner runs with baby lifts, total length 36km. For adventure and fun lovers there are many black, back country runs with deep snow and lots of adrenaline as well as 2 Fun parks in Kellaria and Fterolaka. Four ofthe slopes are certified by the International Ski Federation (F.I.S Homologation) for international ski competitions. It has parking space, restaurants, cafeteria, reception desks, tutorial schools and baby sitting department.
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