Monument to the Unknown Sailor

Andros Attraction

A statue of a sailor waving goodbye to his family. It's dedicated to all the sailors who perished at work far away from home.

The statue dedicated to the Unknown Sailor that is located in Andros Town.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

The monument of the Unknown Sailor is located in a central location of Andros Town, in the homonymous square of Unknown Sailor. This square was created after a bombing of World War II when all the buildings of the area were flattened.

The owners of the area where members of the Empeirikos family who donated the area to the municipality, while the Goulandris family created this monument.

The inauguration of the monument took place in 1959. In 2001 the statue due to stormy winds fell from his position but returned after the necessary restorations.

About Monument to the Unknown Sailor

Last updated: 3 Sep 2020