Hiking in Andros Trails

Andros Experience

Among the top European hiking destinations, the island received in 2015 the quality certification “Leading Quality Trails- Best of Europe”.

A wooden sign showing the distance in minutes between the hiking destinations on the island of Andros.
photo: A.avramop

Andros is actually a special and distinctive island. The high diversity of landscapes in comparison with the other Aegean islands makes it an ideal location for hiking.

Mountains, valleys, rivers, and natural beaches offer a great number of trails. These paths have always existed since they were the main connection routes between villages and settlements. But after the car became the main mean of transport the paths were abandoned to a large extent.

In recent years the local authorities and volunteers are bringing them back to life and they try to maintain them. Thus, there is an extensive network of hiking paths about 300 km, where someone can enjoy nature, water mills, windmills, various bridges, fields with terraces, etc.

About Hiking in Andros Trails

Last updated: 28 Jan 2021