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Alexandroupolis - Dadia Evros Dadia Evros
Forests of Dadia
Dadia is a village in the prefecture of Evros near the border with Turkey and a little south of Soufli. The village takes its name from the pine wood, full of resin, which is dominant in the area and the locals used as a torch or a “firebrand” which would be the literal translation for Dadia. The reason why Dadia has become known throughout Greece is due to the exceptional natural habitat that has developed in the region. The reason behind this success is the gentle coexistence between men and nature and the Mediterranean climate of the area. The trees, black pine and oak, coupled with clearings, pastures and some areas of arable land, create the ideal environment for shelter raptors. In the region there are 36 of the 38 species of European birds of prey, many of them endangered, such as the lesser spotted eagle and indeed is the only place where you can see coexist three of the four species of vultures. Very near to shelter predators and other animals is observation stations with binoculars for the bird-watch enthusiasts. In the area there is also a guest house and a screening room with documentaries to get you fully informed before your arrival at the observatory.
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