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Nafplio - Plateia Syntagmatos


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Nafplio - Constitution Square of Nafplio Constitution Square of Nafplio
Plateia Sintagmatos Nafplio
It has the same name with the most central square of Athens, and even if it’s not that famous, historically it has the same significance. It is the city centre since 1540, since here was the Saray of the Ottoman governor of Peloponnese. The previous names of the square were "Platanos square", named after the huge plane tree that used to stand there and also "Louis square" in honour of King Otto's father. During the movement of September 3rd, when Greeks demanded a Constitution from King Otto, people gathered in two squares of Greece, the Constitution Square of Athens and this square in Nafplio. Its current form is the result of a reconstruction happened in 1980. On Constitution square you will find some of the most important buildings of modern Greece’s history, like the mosque that was used in 1928 as the first Parliament of free Greece, the Venetian building that now is the Archaeological museum and on the other side the Trianon theatre. Other important landmarks are the house of the first governor of Greece Ioannis Kapodistrias and the house of the hero of the War of Independence, Theodoros Kolokotronis. The square is full of people all day long, is full of cafeterias, bars and restaurants and is the meeting point for every citizen and visitor of Nafplio.
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