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Edessa - Old Hemp of Edessa Old Hemp of Edessa
Artspace Culture & Industrial Museum
The old hemp factory of Edessa is located in the area of “Psilos Gkrimnos”, in Varosi district. It used to produce ropes and twine from hemp, imported mainly from Benares, today known as Varanasi, India. The products were of good quality and durable and the factory was the largest producer of twines and ropes in Greece, in particular during the between the wars period.

The machines used to make thread and then the ropes operated by water-power, thus taking advantage of the many waterfalls of Edessa. Apart from cannabis from Benares, used cannabis at intervals from Serbia but also from Greece, specifically from the plain of Giannitsa. Today the site is used as a multipurpose culture and art space with a cafeteria.

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