Nightlife in Serres

Serres Experience

The people of Serres are known across Greece for their open-hearted-ness and exuberance. Don't miss the opportunity to party with them.

A close up of hands holding glasses with alcohol making a toast.
photo: kaicho20

The town of Serres is famous for its intense activity and the unique notion of entertainment. It is a vibrant city, and this is due to the jovial residents but also to the numerous students who live in Serres. Without any doubt, they offer a special touch to city life, especially when it comes to the nightlife.

Regardless of the season, Serres downtown is full of people who either reach the city center for a walk or shopping or just in order to enjoy a coffee in one of the many cafeterias. Ethnikis Antistaseos is the street that gathers the majority of the people. It starts from Freedom Square and ends at the beginning of the valley of Saint Anargyroi. Making a stop at any point of this street gives the opportunity to the visitor to taste the special Greek coffee on the coals, and of course try the famous local sweet delicacy, the "Akanes".

Making a strict plan for the night is something that is not recommended since just a promenade along the streets with bars, pubs, taverns, and clubs will reveal all the options that cover any taste. Greek and international sounds cover the atmosphere and certify that the town of Serres is a vibrant city with residents who welcome and assist everyone in order to make the staying easy and enjoyable.

About Nightlife in Serres

Last updated: 15 Aug 2020