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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Folklore Museum of Samothrace Folklore Museum of Samothrace
The Folklore Museum of Samothrace is a relatively new museum that was founded by the Municipality and the Cultural Association of the island. In the museum you will find many objects that show the cultural heritage of Samothrace.

On the ground floor there are various objects associated with livestock, various agricultural tools, traditional loom and many others. On the first floor you will find a representation of a traditional house. On the walls you will see "mahramades", silk and cotton embroideries, many photographs, local clothes and many rugs and bedding made by using the loom. Also, there is a wooden carved shrine from the beginning of the 20th century with very rare paintings of saints that come from churches from all the island. The collection of objects presented in the Museum come from donations of people of the island.

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