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The only way to explore Melos' coastal beauty, including hidden caves and magnificent geological formations, is by boat.

Many visitors chose the daily boat excursions in order to approach the remote beaches and more importantly the famous caves of Milos which are located in some parts of the island coast.

What caves and beaches of Milos are included in the daily boat trips?

The tour of Milos by boat is the best way to admire the hidden beauties of the island which are the sea caves and the enchanting beaches that are not accessible by road. The boats approach the seashores of Papafragas on the east coast, where three adjacent caves stand for their crystal clear blue-green waters, which during the Byzantine years were used as bases and pirate shelters.

Just opposite the caves are located Glaronissia, which are three impressive volcanic islets. Parts of the excursion are the visit to the massive rocks "Bears", the Sykia (cave without a dome), and the amazing beach Kleftiko with the huge rock that is one of the feature often seen in tourist guides.

Another unique area visited by the boat daily trips is the sulfur mines, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island overlooking the ruined buildings of the abandoned mine, which closed in 1960.

How can someone join a daily boat excursion in Milos?

Most excursions depart from the port of Adamadas but there are also those that start from the beach of Agios Sostis or the beach of Kipos. Reservations can be made the day before, but in case of empty seats, one can follow the excursion if he/she is at the departure point just some minutes before the departure time.

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Last updated: 30 Apr 2021

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