Catacombs of Milos

Historical site in Milos

Early Christian monument - essentially the first Christian cemeteries and worship areas between the 1st and the 5th centuries AD.

This is a special burial monument and the oldest Christian monument in the country, a fact which made the Greek Orthodox Church to declare Milos a sacred island in 2009.

Where are the Catacombs on Milos island?

The catacombs are located near the village of Tripiti, in caves and galleries 150 meters above sea level. The catacombs were the gathering place for the first Christians and the area where the mass was taking place. But also it was the first community cemetery that was created in the first years of Christianity.

The catacombs ceased their use with the institutionalization of secularism as well as the catastrophic earthquakes that forced the inhabitants to leave the ancient city of Klima in the 5th to 6th century AD.

How are the Catacombs of Milos today?

In their current form, the catacombs are a complex of three large underground galleries, which communicate with each other with artificial passages, built during the restoration and maintenance work.

Inside the catacombs there are carved tombs on the walls and floor which are covered by stone plates. This interesting monument is visitable and entering it is allowed for a minimal fee.

About Catacombs of Milos

Last updated: 30 Apr 2021

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