Katerini Municipal Park

Katerini Attraction

A green spot at the center of the city that attracts many locals and visitors and offers some relaxing moments in a natural landscape. Really worth a visit.

The Municipal Park of Katerini is located in the city center and is one of the most beautiful spots of the town. It is an "oasis of green" within the core of the city that attracts many families, people who would exercise, and others who have just a relaxing promenade. The combination of dense vegetation, well-preserved infrastructure and the water of the lakes create an idyllic landscape that sometimes is difficult to believe that it exists in the center of Katerini.

The municipality of Katerini is responsible for the shape of the park and with a series of maintenance and renovations works keeps the quality and the infrastructure at the highest possible level.

Numerous locals and city visitors can walk and enjoy the natural landscape between fountains. But apart from that, the park hosts also festivals, art exhibitions, and film screenings. In this way, it becomes a cultural spot that serves as a societal meeting point for the inhabitants, and not only, of Katerini.

About Katerini Municipal Park

Last updated: 23 Aug 2020

address 7is Merarchias 13, Katerini, 601 00, Greece