Folklore Museum of Katerini

Katerini Museum

A worth-visiting museum to explore the history, customs, and lives of Pontian Greeks through house items, traditional attires, and artifacts.

The Folklore Museum of Katerini opened to the public in 1990 and it is dedicated to the culture of the Pontian Greeks that lived at the coastline of the Black Sea and arrived in Greece in 1923 after the agreement for "population exchange" between Greece and Turkey. The opening initiative and the set up of the exhibition were made by the Pontian Association of Pieria that was founded in 1928 aiming to preserve the tradition of Pontus (coastline of the Black Sea).

The museum is located in the city center and it is very close to the Municipal Park of Katerini. Among the displayed exhibits, there are items and tools that belong to refugee Pontic families who had settled in the Pieria region. The thorough description of the home artifacts, tools, and other material, give a detailed picture of the everyday life of the Pontian people both in their homeland as well as in their new country.

The museum targets to preserve and promote the cultural wealth of the Pontic Greeks. It attracts visitors with social, folklore and historical interests but also those who would like to obtain more information about this ethnic group of Greeks.

About Folklore Museum of Katerini

Last updated: 23 Aug 2020

address Gimnastiriou 13, Katerini, 601 00, Greece