Lake of Kastoria (Orestiada)

Experience in Kastoria

A photographic heaven with swans and ducks, light reflections, and a frozen landscape in winter, this lake's beauty is distinguished.

The Lake of Kastoria, or officially lake Orestiada, is without any doubt one of the most beautiful lakes of Greece. It has been declared as a Monument of Natural Beauty by the Ministry of Culture and it is a part of the European environmental protection network "Natura 2000".

The Greek lake that freezes in winter

The area covered is more than 28 square kilometers, it is 630 meters above sea level and its maximum depth is 10 meters. The lake is supplied with water from streams and several sub-lake sources, while it is considered the second most productive lake in terms of fish in the country.

In some spots, the depth of the lake goes over 10 and reaches 12 meters, while the average temperature of the waters during the year is about 22 degrees Celsius. Last but not least, the lake of Kastoria is a lake that freezes during the winter and stays frozen from 10 to 30 days depending on the weather circumstances.

The flora and the fauna of Kastoria Lake

Apart from the beauty the lake adds to the city of Kastoria, it is also a very important wetland since a significant number of aquatic mammals, as well as more than 150 species of birds, live here. Some of the birds use the lake as an intermediate stop during the migration period, while others have the lake as a permanent home.

The lake is surrounded by a thriving nature that includes low vegetation, flowers, bushes, and some trees. While regarding the fish, the lake hosts 9 different species including catfish, pike, carp, and perch.

What can someone do at Kastoria Lake?

It is highly recommended to all the visitors of Kastoria to spend some time walking next to the lake and just relax with the incredible views. Another choice is to take the boat of the Municipality and have a cruise around the lake. For those who are more active and like water sports, there are options like rowing, surfing, sailing, or water skiing.

About Lake of Kastoria (Orestiada)

Last updated: 5 May 2021

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