Byzantine Museum of Kastoria

Revealing the significant role of the city during the Byzantine period through a series of icons and artifacts of exceptional art.

The Byzantine Museum of Kastoria is located on the highest spot of the city, which is the top of the Byzantine Acropolis. The visitor has the opportunity to get information about the Byzantine history and art of different periods and expressions.

There is a big collection of perfectly preserved paintings of saints, statues, mosaics, as well as many items of ecclesiastical and folklore art. Most of the exhibits date from the 12th to the 17th century and are divided into 6 very distinct sections.

Amongst the exhibits, the guest can admire the image of Prophet Elias from the 12th century, the image of St Nikolaos from the same period, as well as the image of Jesus Pantokratoras with the signature of monk Neilos from the 14th century.

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Useful information about «Byzantine Museum of Kastoria»

Last Update: 13 Apr 2021
address Platia Dexamenis, Kastoria 521 00, Greece
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Telephone(s) (+30) 24670 26781 & 24670 88200
Open Hours
Daily 08:30-15:30
Tuesday Closed