Pigadia (Karpathos Town)

Karpathos Settlement

Built on top the ancient city, this port town is also the island's capital. Don't miss dining in its excellent tavernas, walks by the sea and nearby beaches.

Karpathos or Pigadia as it is also called is located on the southeast side of the island and is built at the location of the ancient city of Possidi. If someone approaches the top of the hill is able to observe the surviving parts of the ancient citadel and the Cyclopean walls that protected it.

Today Pigadia offers all the comforts of a city to its residents and its visitors. From the touristic point of view, is, without any doubt, the most organized area of ​​the island and within walking distance of the center there are clean and organized beaches such as Kyra Panagia, Agios Nikolaos and Ammoopi located 6.5 km to the south.

A walk in the settlement gives the opportunity to enjoy images and flavors of an authentic Aegean island while someone is surprised by the large buildings, a result of the funds sent by the successful Greeks immigrants of America in the decades of the '70s and the '80s.

Some of the sights that highly recommend to be visited during a stay on the island are the remains of an early Christian church of Agia Fotini in the area of "Afoti" at the seaside that according to historians is built on the ruins of the sanctuary of the Dioscuri. Furthermore, someone can visit the chapel of Agia Kyriaki located 2.5 km southwest of Pigadia and offers a spectacular view. Finally, a very good option would be to visit the cave of Neptune located in Miloi area and was either a tomb or a sanctuary dedicated to Aphrodite.

About Pigadia (Karpathos Town)

Last updated: 7 Jan 2021

address Pigadia, Karpathos, 857 00, Greece
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