Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

Karpathos Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Karpathos hosts exhibits from the prehistoric to post-Byzantine times. It's small but worth your visit.

The Archaeological Museum of Karpathos is located in Pigadia village of the island and it is housed in the west part of Karpathos County. The buildings themselves are built during 1926-1936 and are a sign of the time of the Italian occupation in Karpathos.

The first room of the museum hosts findings from the Neolithic period, and more specifically those from a Minoan farmhouse, from a Mycenaean settlement as well as from the necropolis. The second room refers to another historical era, where the visitor can see findings of the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The third room presents findings from the early Christian and the Byzantine era.

About Archaeological Museum of Karpathos

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

address Pigadia, Karpathos, 857 00, Greece
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