Agricultural Museum of Pyles

Karpathos Museum

An open-air museum that presents how farmer life was on Karpathos in the past few centuries through tools, machines, and crafts.

The Open Air Agricultural Museum is located in the village of Pyles and is designed with the aim to present as realistically as possible the life on the island of Karpathos.

When someone visits the museum has the opportunity to see traditional facilities to their real scale such as a farmhouse, a windmill, a wine press, a threshing floor as well as a bakery. Walking around the exhibition places is easy and parallel to that the paved paths and trails are specially designed for people with disabilities.

There are planted vines and various fruit trees so the visitors can come in contact with the rural life Karpathos that is highly related to the processing cycle of important products, such as cereals and wine.

About Agricultural Museum of Pyles

Last updated: 5 Sep 2020

address Pyles, Karpathos, 857 00, Greece
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