Aperi, Karpathos

Karpathos Settlement

Stroll around in its narrow streets, visit the church of the Virgin, the stone bridge. Almost every corner will welcome you with a fountain.

Aperi is one of the largest villages of Karpathos. Until 1892 it was the capital of the island and today still hosts the headquarters of the island's church. Aperi is 8 km away from the town of Karpathos and is situated at the foothills of the Koraki mountain. On top of this mountain, the visitor can see the remains of the Venetian castle which protected the inhabitants from pirate raids.

The current settlement dates from the Middle Ages, it is built at an altitude of 320 meters and is distinguished for its beauty and genuineness. The village is traversed by a green valley and a bridge connecting the two parts of the village. Until the early 20th century its population reached 1,140 inhabitants, while in 2001 was reduced to 470. The main reason for this population drop was the massive population migration, mainly to America. In recent years many of them repatriated giving an air of renewal and vitality to the village.

During the visit here the guest should not miss a walk between the narrow picturesque streets. Among them someone is able to admire the Church of the Virgin Mary dating from 1855, the stone bridge, and the many fountains built in many corners of the village.

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Last updated: 2 Sep 2020

address Aperi, Karpathos, 857 00, Greece
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