Pasteli Feast

Amorgos Festival

It takes place annually in August and it's a unique opportunity to taste but also learn about the production of the local sesame seed candy.

Undoubtedly, among the traditions that are kept on the island, one of the highlights is the Feast of pasteli. Pasteli is a sesame seed honey bar that is actually a healthy candy for everyone. Some versions of Pasteli may include also nut, a fact that makes it an original healthy power bar.

This is a mini-festival dedicated to the favorite sweet of Amorgos. During the feast, the audience has the opportunity to follow the process of manufacturing, get information from professionals as well as eat as much as they can.

The process is accompanied by the local spirit raki followed traditional dances and local music until dawn. The Festival takes place every year during August, while it is organized by the Cultural Association of Chora Amorgos "Simonides".

About Pasteli Feast

Last updated: 10 Aug 2020

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