Hiking on Amorgos

Amorgos Experience

Amorgos has a lengthy trails network that will spoil you with breath-taking views from vertiginous cliffs, and also legions of free-grazing goats.

A wooden sign showing the distance in kilometers within the hiking trail network of Amorgos.
photo: Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0

Amorgos is considered as one of the top tourist destinations for hikers. Given that only some decades ago, the transportation service on the island was conducted mainly with donkeys, Amorgos has retained all the paths that for centuries served as roads.

The elongated shape of the island helps the candidate hikers to maintain always a sense of orientation, while the cliffs and the view of the blue Aegean ideally blend the background of each ride. Amorgos offers a variety of hiking trails, from easy routes that pass through traditional villages and last one to two hours up to difficult routes which can last more than five or six hours. Those include basically a hike around the island reaching a distance of 30 km.

Everyone can choose the path to follow based on the experience and the available gear and in any case, having enough water is always mandatory.

About Hiking on Amorgos

Last updated: 28 Jan 2021

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