Chora of Amorgos

Amorgos Settlement

Built on a spot that was invisible from the sea and was providing shelter from the pirates, it is one of the most picturesque Cycladic settlements.

An overview of a part of the settlement of Chora of Amorgos with the windmills in the background.
photo: Stathis24

One of the most picturesque capitals of Cyclades, the Chora of Amorgos, is built in the center of the island at a distance of 5 km from the port of Katapola, around the impressive rock where the castle is located.

The town stands for its rich Cycladic tradition, which is reflected on the architecture of its houses, the small white churches, the small squares, and the quaint cobblestone streets leading to the famous "Loza" square. Major attractions of the Chora of Amorgos are the 13th-century castle on the hilltop, and the Venetian Tower of Gavras which houses the Archaeological Museum. Furthermore, the guest can visit the Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa and the windmills of the surrounding hills.

Apart from the attractions, the main settlement of Amorgos provides a very good quality in tourism services with contemporary infrastructure and facilities. It attracts the nightlife especially during the summer months, while it is well-known for the fresh fish tavernas and the nice restaurants.

About Chora of Amorgos

Last updated: 19 Jan 2021

address Chora, Amorgos, 840 08, Greece
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