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Amorgos - View of Chora


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Amorgos - Hiking on Amorgos Hiking on Amorgos
Amorgos is considered as one of the top tourist destinations for hikers. As not many years passed since the transportation service on the island were conducted mainly with donkeys Amorgos has retained all the paths that for centuries served as roads.

The elongated shape of the island helps the candidate hikers to always maintain a sense of direction and the cliffs and the view to the blue Aegean ideally blends the background of each ride. Amorgos offers a variety of hiking trails, from easy routes that pass through traditional villages and last one to two hours up to difficult routes which can last more than five or six hours on whose that will basically walk around the island from end to end at a distance of 30 km.

Everyone will have to choose the path to follow based on the experience and the equipment available and in any case should be obtained with enough water.

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