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Samothrace - Samothrace panoramic view from the coast of Rhodope


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Samothraki - Archaeological Museum of Samothrace Archaeological Museum of Samothrace
The archaeological museum of Samothrace is in Palaiopolis. In the museum you can find all the ancient items still on the island, as most of them are in museums all over Greece, as well as abroad. Most of them come from excavations of American archaeologists or accidentally by people of the island. Many of the exhibits come from the private collection of Nikolas Fardis, a well known and respected citizen of the island.

The museum is divided into four sections. The central room has mostly architectural representations of all important buildings of the Temple of Gods, such as the entablature of the yard of the temple and the Arch of Arsini, decorated with bulls and daisies. In the second room you can see parts of the frieze with dancers who are believed to be the Muses, a bust of seer Teiresias, a headless statue of Persephone and many more. In the third room, you can see columns of marble from the Holy House and a headless statue on Nike that was standing on the back cape of the Temple. In the fourth room there are many exhibits found in the Necropolis and a cast of Nike of Samothrace because the original is in Louvre museum in Paris. In this room you will also see coins, jewellery and many valuable, metallic relics.

When you leave the museum, and if you follow the cobblestoned road you will be leaded to the entrance of the archaeological site. The buildings of the site are mostly sacred and public buildings. You can see the Palace with the Holy House, the Temple of the Gods, the theatre, the altar, the house of votive offerings, the cemetery and many other buildings.

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