Metropolis On-Site Museum, Naxos Town

Naxos Museum

You can stroll around the streets of this 3300-year-old town thanks to this on-site museum. Myceneans built it, same guys who launched the war against Troy.

This is an interesting and unique museum. During the ‘80s the excavations on the island brought to light the ancient Mycenaean city of Grota. Due to the number and the quality of the findings, it was decided everything to stay exactly where it was found so an "on the spot" museum could be created. That gave the opportunity to the visitor to see the items at their original spot.

Among the findings, there is a part of the defensive walls from the Mycenaean era, some small pottery workshops, and benches with unfinished pots. During the Geometric era, the place was mostly used as a temple and a tumulus was created. The tumulus that finally covered the many tombs and the shrine was a result of the pots that were offered to the Gods. Those pots were filled with offerings and were part of religious rituals.

The museum includes maps, floor-plans and reconstructions that help the visitor to understand where everything used to be and get an image of the town landscape among the historic periods. Some other parts of the ancient city are located north from the port, while a large part of it are under the water.

About Metropolis On-Site Museum, Naxos Town

Last updated: 5 Aug 2020

address Chora, Naxos, 843 00, Greece
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